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Lucio Bubacco.Стекло.Часть 2.

Lucio Bubacco.Стекло.Часть 2.

Garpe harvest with Baccus (front)


The garden of the Eden


Perseo and Medusa



Perseo and Medusa

Angel and Devil

Eros and Aphrodite

Eros and Aphrodite

Blue and Ivory toast

Adam and Eve in blu


The swan's feather


Springs dance

Satirs lonliness

Satirninphand eros

Sacred and profane engr

Mythological toast

Mythological sensual dance

Mythological dance

Leda and the swan wf

Grape harvest with Baccus (back)

Gold grape bacchanal



A toast to Baccus

A tribute to Baccus

Bucolic composition

Black and ivory bacchanal

Black and ivory bacchanal

его САЙТ:

Lucio Bubacco was born on the island of Murano (Venice), in April 1957. He began as a child with an old craftsman, playing with the glass and making small animals. In 1971, when he was 14, he completed his first works with the "lume" technique, inspired by Greek, Roman and Byzantine classic art, by medieval and renaissance theater and by "La Commedia dell'Arte."

Son of an artist, his father Severino Bubacco was a very important Maestro glass artist. In 1980 he began studying anatomical drawing with the Venetian artist Alessandro Rossi. His style takes on a new dimension; The movement of the figure becomes the central theme of his work.

His masterpieces are crafted in Murano glass, also called "soft glass" because of its high soda content, which is famous for its characteristic brightness and ideal for the "lume" process.

His technical experience and knowledge of glass color compatibility allow him to create unique works: figures entirely hand-formed and incorporated in blown-vases or in casting.

His works transcend traditional uses and conceptions of the "lume" technique. They collocate motive tensions and plasticity in a context of narrative surrealism, to create highly original pieces derived from his personal sensibility.
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