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Антикварные лампы и вышитые абажуры.

Антикварные лампы и вышитые абажуры.

В викторианском и арт-деко стилях.







Lovely floral motif floor lamp with beautiful amber drops holds this red Camelot shade with richly embroidered poppy appliqués. Shade is covered in antique silk velvet, vintage metallic gold net and 1920s era lame.


Hanging lantern base holds this "Victorian Bell Jar" shade.


Cream-colored antique silk piano shawl with pastel embroidery covers this shade.


Ornate metal lamp base with decorative scroll work. Flower tulip style shade is dyed from red to green and covered in antique gold metallic lace, victorian era cut velvet and printed velvet from a 1920s era throw.

Beautiful and unusual antique marble and tole table lamp with great 3-d flowers in the base. The Half Moon shade covered in 1920s printed lame with an almost watercolor effect.


The Chinese River shade in plum and jade green sits atop an ornate hand-painted 1920s cast metal lamp base.



Exceptional pair of French flowered, antique tole candelabra lamp bases with original paint.

Dramatic, exotic 1920s lamp base with bird motif holds a Victorian Bird shade.


Antique 1920s lamp base holds exceptional hand embroidered iris appliqués circa 1880 adorn the front of the shade. Long hand beaded fringe in matching tones.


Ornate 1920s tole bridge lamp with dimensional flowers holds a Spring Garden shadowbox shade


Ornate hand painted antique table lamp with lovely floral motif styling.


Wonderful Victorian metal lamp base adorned with a dramatic Crescent lampshade with high-quality antique Spanish embroidery with Lilies (that match the Lily motif in the base) in the center circles and 1920s era gold metallic lace


Wonderful 1920s tole base with original paint holds a Katie style shade with antique fabrics and appliques that have Baroque and Nouveau styling.


Art Nouveau styled antique table lamp holds a Chateau style shade in soft tones of pale pink to celadon green. the center panels hold exceptional 19th Century French



Art Nouveau style antique chalkware base of a woman leaning with arms raised. Topped with a Gish shade dyed amethyst to forest green and covered in 1920s netting with gold metallic flowers and branches


Wonderful 1920s tole base with original paint holds a Katie style shade with antique fabrics and appliques that have Baroque and Nouveau styling.


Teardrop Shadowbox shade filled with exceptional Victorian embroidered flowers in delectable pastel colors.


Heavy antique lamp base circa 1920 has painted lilies in the base. Shade is Minuret style

Serene, tone on tone Quan Yin statue lamp with a lantern style shade. Hand beaded fringe and tassels made with beads and antique 1920s bullion metallic fringe.

Wonderful antique Chinese chalkware base by artist E. Hunt is adorned with a exotic Napoleon lampshade with antique Chinese embroidery and vintage dogwood silk flowers.


Vintage European glass beads dangle from the 1920s lamp base with leaf and floral motifs.

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