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Серебряная утварь для и в форме яиц

Старинная серебряная утварь для и в форме яиц

В форме яиц делали бойлеры и яйцеварки- подогреватели :

Silverplate Egg Warmer with burner by Benetfink & Co.
Adorned with a machine engraved design and topped off with an eagle finial, this egg warmer will delight one and all
Size: 9 inches in height

Egg coddler, Egg boiler
ca. 1890 (made)
Artist/Maker:Walker & Hall Ltd.

Silver plated and ivory egg warmer with stand, 'Emu' legs decoration, and warmer plate
United Kingdom, circa 1890

Late Victorian, silver plated egg warmer
England, circa 1890

An excellent quality heavy silver plated sideboard egg server/warmer. c1920.

Egg Warmer/Cooker

Egg Warmer. English. c1900. Silver Plate Egg serving piece.

-----------------Наборы для яиц------------

Mappin & Webb Silver plate Figural 'Chick' Cruet c1900

This is a stunning late Victorian / Edwardian Silver plated cruet set, in the form of a basket containing three eggs & with a newly hatched chick sitting on the edge, and made by the illustrious firm of Mappin & Webb in their famous 'Prince's Plate', around 1900.

Mappin & Webb S/P Figural 'Chick' Egg Cup Set c1900

A Edwardian silver plated 3 piece egg cruet in the form of a circular pierced nest with chick and 2 egg cups (1 missing) by Mappin & Webb 3"

====================В форме яиц==========================

-------------Разогреватели для еды-------------

Разогреватель для печенья
Large Silver Plated Roll Top biscuit warmer made by Mappin & Webb .Beautifully chased designs .The egg shape body is supported by four winged Griffin Legs. Engraved on the front as a presentation for a Billiards Match .This piece was made by Mappin & Webb Feb 18th 1870’s as marked on the bottom.

Mappin & Webb is completely famous 19th Century Silversmiths of London & Silversmiths of The Royal Family

Нагреватель для ложек

Для завтраков
Victorian Silver Plated Breakfast Dish.

Silver plate hot water breakfast warmer, 19th/20


Small Revolving Dish
A popular 1930’s silver plated dish with revolving lid and glass liner. Suitable for butter or caviar

====================Для шитья=====================

egg sewing set pendant marked on the catch MUSTER SCHUTZ


Sampson Mordan Silver 'Hatching Chick' Pin Cushion 1907

Для булавок

Wusthof Egg Scissors

Circa early 20th century, egg scissors in the form of a rooster. Signed by the very well regarded German maker E.D. Wusthof, Solingen.

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